The Importance of Family at Church on the Rise

At Church on the Rise, we care a great deal about families, and we know how essential a strong family is to a healthy community. That’s why people call us “The Church for the Whole Family”!

With strong families, we can raise children who are productive and happy and able to live by the Bible’s teachings and to eventually share those teachings with their own children. We also understand how important the family structure is for raising children and teaching them how to follow a path of righteousness that brings them closer to God.

All of us understand that to love our children we must do everything we can to ensure that they grow up with strong moral values. And this means we must take the responsibility of leading our children by example. With a strong grounding in the teachings of Jesus Christ, any child can be given the tools they need to live happy and successful lives. We at Church on the Rise care about your family and we care about helping all families to grow closer to God by following the path that He has laid out for all of us in His Word!

The foundation of the family structure is marriage. It is truly the glue that binds families together.  Church on the Rise gives special attention to how couples can be helped to build stronger marriages and forge stronger emotional bonds with their spouses. Chief operating officer Paul Endrei and Senior Lead Pastor Patti Endrei have used their own married experience to help others who are seeking to create more fulfilling marriages. Paul and Patti’s understanding of the subject is shown in the book Glue: Sticking Power for Life Long Marriage that the two of them wrote together.

The book is the result of the first 23 years of marriage experience for Paul and Patti combined with raising 5 kids. They have translated their life experience into a guide that other couples can use to make the most of their own marriages. Some of the experiences they recount are serious and some are humorous, but all are easily related to by anyone who has worked to make their own marriage a success.

Paul and Patti met at Southeastern Bible College in Lakeland, Florida where they graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Missions. In 1989, Paul received a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from Ashland Seminary and later was given an honorary Doctor Degree. After Paul and Patti started their own full-time ministry, Patti headed the church’s Children’s Ministry and led Korean Youth Groups at two different churches. In both cases she taught classes of teens and pre-teens.

The couple’s book on marriage, which has now sold more than 10,000 copies, is a practical guide to Christ-centered marriage that is easy to read and easy to apply to one’s own life. It’s a laugh and learns book that many couples use as a marriage devotional. Whether your marriage is on a firm footing or in need of serious help, Glue: Sticking Power for Life Long Marriage offers good advice for you and your soul mate to get the most out of your union. With God’s help, you can have a marriage that thrives instead of just exists.

Church on the Rise also offers support to families through The Glue Marriage Ministry, which is another way that the church helps couples to build marriages that last a lifetime. Paul and Patti have also shared their experience by speaking in more than 100 churches and marriage conferences on how couples can build a strong and happy marriage.

Helping families

At Church on the Rise, we also do everything possible to improve the lives of families living in the local community who may have fallen on hard times. Whatever we can do to help any family along the path towards God’s love, we are happy to do. With our local outreach programs, Church on the Rise takes action to help individuals in need. Among the programs that we offer in the community is one that provides groceries to those who are hungry.

The family orientation of Church on the Rise goes back to the very beginning when Paul and Patti founded the church in 1993. And the family involvement has continued ever since.

The subject of a family was examined in a recent series of sermons at Church on the Rise called “Family Matters.” We heard that to raise “champion families” we have to understand how valuable children are and how they must be protected and nurture them. While children are among God’s greatest gifts and the focus of the family, no one ever said that raising them would be easy!

In the second of three sermons, this one given by Pastor Patti Endrei, the concept of family “gatekeepers” was introduced. She explained that parents are the gatekeepers of the house because it is they who decide what from the outside world should be allowed to enter the home. Parents are entrusted with holding the “keys” to the house to make sure that negative ideas and ideas that are contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ cannot enter. It is up to parents to supervise children to ensure that they are being exposed to positive influences in the home.

While the parents are participating in services, children have a range of classes and programs to teach them about Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible. From the Lions and Lambs Nursery for the youngest children, to the Praisin’ Preschool to the KOR Live program for Kids from 5 years old to Grade 5, Church on the Rise has creative and engaging programs that help create a passion for learning about God’s Word.

The church has a part-time couple that serves as their Family Life Pastors, Dr. Dexter and Philomena Johnson who preach on occasion as well as lead a Relationship Building Home Group for couples and singles! Dr. Dexter is a literal rocket scientist at NASA, and they are a dynamic duo for Family Ministry. They organize an annual Marriage Conference and 3 other fun family events for almost 100 people at the time each year.

Church on the Rise is a non-denominational, family oriented church located at 3550 Crocker Road in Westlake, Ohio. To get there from I-90, take the Westlake/Crocker Road exit and go south one mile. From I-480, take the Crocker Road exit and head north for two miles. The church is located directly across the street from UH/St. John Medical Center.